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Micro Gauge Siping in 4WD and SUV Tyres

    Micro Gauge Siping in 4WD and SUV Tyres

    Ever wonder what the tiny cuts in your tyres are?

    They’re called sipes. And they reduce slipping in the wet.
    As the tread contacts the bitumen, the sipes expand and pump the water out from under the tyre.
    You get more grip and a firm contact between the tread and the road.
    Coopers’ latest generation sipes are thinner and have an interlocking mechanism.
    It’s called Micro Gauge 3D Sipe.
    The benefit of the thinner sipe, is that it can be cut deeper into the tread block, giving grip all the way through it’s life.
    Not just the first 20 or 30,000 kms. This locking mechanism prevents a tread block from twisting and helps keep the sipe open,
    increasing stability and performance.

    The 3D Micro Gauge Sipe.

    That’s what makes Cooper tyres worth owning.

    Click any of the links below to learn more about
    Micro Gauge Siping in 4WD and SUV Tyres for these Cooper tyre models.





    H-T Plus


    S-T MAXX

    ZEON RS3-G1

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