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Those that set out to buy car tyres know that while there is a huge variety of choice readily available online, there are plenty of local retailers that deliver a little more value for money. Buying online is something of a blind proposition. You have to trust the reputation of the seller, trust that the online reviews are genuine and you also have to pay for the delivery and wait until they arrive.

Sure, it’s convenient that you can do it any time of day or night in your home, but for maximum confidence in your decision, backed by knowledgeable professionals who are helping you to choose the product that is right for your vehicles there is no substitute for your local garage. Read More

Where to Buy New Car Tyres in Toowoomba

Here at Garden City Tyre Mechanical, we are the team that Toowoomba drivers that want to protect their investment and gain absolute peace of mind turn to time and time again. We are based on the corner of Neil and Thomas Street, right in the heart of everything, and we deliver a comprehensive range of services, advice and the kind of professional care that exceeds expectations.

Why It’s Important to Chat With the Professionals Before Buying Car Tyres in Toowoomba

When the time comes for you to buy new car tyres in Toowoomba before you make your way to the garages you might do a little research online to see what is important and what you should strive to achieve. There is plenty of good information online, but there are also a lot of misconceptions.

One of the main things that we see and hear at Garden City Tyres & Mechanical, is that people assume a tyre that is the same size as what they are replacing can safely be swapped out. It is important to consult the logbook and car manual before any changes are made since there are specific factors to take into consideration for each car with regards to its tyres. Better still, it makes sense to drop down to our garage and have a chat about what you need.

Depending on the situation that you find yourself in, you may feel compelled to buy all four new tyres at once. This is one of the reasons that it’s worth talking to professionals and gain insights from a team that has worked on thousands of cars over the years. We can determine which tyres need the most attention and guide your decision. This makes a world of difference for those that potentially cannot acquire all four tyres at once.

If you have just experienced a punctured tyre and are planning to buy car tyres as a result, then take a moment to discuss whether this is necessary with us first. A puncture may only necessitate a patch that will get you back on the road in no time. In some instances, a new tyre is needed after a bad puncture, but again, checking with your trusted professionals is the best way to determine this, and potentially save yourself some money.

Toowoomba’s Local High-Quality Car Tyres and Upgrade Specialist

At Garden City Tyre & Mechanical, our mission is to ensure that when you drive away from our garage, you do so with a smile on your face. Our commitment to convenience, combined with solutions that are delivered on time, separates us from all other garages and affords you a trustworthy, high-quality car tyres in Toowoomba.

This is the best place to buy car tyres in Toowoomba since we can also look after your servicing as well as any upgrades and deliver a superior outcome. Rest assured that the best range of tyres is in-store now, so give us a call, or drop in.

At Garden City Tyres, We provide high-quality branded car tyres, 4×4 tyres & wheels in Toowoomba for your vehicles. In addition to this, We are the highly recommended & professional log book servicing, brake repairs, wheel alignment, diesel mechanics in Toowoomba. Call us on (07) 4639 2244 to discuss your requirements with our team.

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The Nexen Roadian is a state-of-the-art mud terrain tyre that features an aggressive design that is extremely versatile for both on–and off-road driving. The premium casing maximises load and towing capabilities without sacrificing off-road traction or on-road comfort.

The Mickey All – Terrain38 features an all new open void all – terrain tread pattern, unique chemically – coupled silica compound and a durable construction, making it suitable as an upgrade for today’s four wheel drivers and utes. Also available in Mickey Thom pson’s SUV construction for less off – road use.
Great combination of wear life, durability, toughness and grip. The right tyres for the owners of Light Trucks & Vans looking to get the job done.

The Maxxis CS735 is an all-round performer when it comes to passenger car tyres. Its
optimised tread width design improves overall traction and handling for increased driver
and occupant safety. Furthermore, the tyre has four circumferential grooves that improve
hydroplaning resistance and wet weather performance. The rib-style pattern design improves
tread wear and minimises pattern noise.

Goodyear’s flagship Ultra High Performance tyre that delivers outstanding grip and responsive handling on both wet and dry roads.

The world’s best DOT off-road race spec tyre* with an evolutionary design inspired from the winningest 4×4 tyre in SCORE desert racing history. Our BFGoodrich race tyre engineers have been able to design the tyre so it meets various specifications, while maintaining the toughness and performance needed in the desert.

The latest evolution in Dunlop’s superb lineup of Tarmac Rally tyreshas a symetrical, directional tread pattern with excellent drainagecapability.New casing and profile designs lift dry performance overprevious designs with improved “even wear” characteristics.

Falken’s answer for today’s growing market of performance luxury crossovers and SUVs. Falken’s latest generation ultra high performance tyre,  Falken is designed for drivers of premium vehicles looking for excellent grip and outstanding performance

Winning combination of performance and comfort. Federal brings new meaning to high performance. Superior performance, uncommon handling, combined with exceptional acceleration and stopping capabilities in wet/dry weather and surfaces

A tyre combining value and class-leading ultra high performance In-Outside (Asymmetric) tread design with high grip resin and newly optimised wear and wet traction Silica based compound. Road Hazard Warranty

American drivers travel long distances on highways and demand a tyre that gives high mileage. That’s why Mastercraft tyres are built with deeper, wider tread compared to many original tyres to give you more mileage. Mastercraft Tires’ latest high mileage tyre – the Touring LSR – for passenger cars, minivans and small SUV’s has a mileage guarantee of 60,000kms Australia wide.
Winning combination of performance and comfort. Federal brings new meaning to high performance. Superior performance, uncommon handling, combined with exceptional acceleration and stopping capabilities in wet/dry weather and surfaces

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For all inquiries regarding Bridgestone tyres please call (07) 4639 2244.
We Have access to the entire range of Bridgestone tyres.
If you are looking for a specific tyre model, just give us a call.
If we don’t have it in stock, we can usually get it in overnight for you.

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