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OzTec Suspension

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OzTec Suspension is a First Class range of 4WD suspension components researched, developed and tested by George Shepheard Auto Developments in Australia to suit Australian Conditions.

Rather than just develop a range of 4WD suspension that will do the job, The Research and Development team at GSA have taken the OzTec Shock Absorber range a step further by developing the “Comfort” range to suit lightly loaded vehicles with minimal accessories where comfort is the priority.

Lifetime Warranty
OZTech Front Shock Absorber
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Then there is the “Cargo” range of Shock Absorbers designed and valved to control the extra weight when steel bull bars, winches, roof racks, long range fuel tanks and the like are fitted.

To guarantee a High Quality product good enough to carry a Lifetime Warranty, we have chosen some of the world’s most highly regarded shock absorber manufactures such as “Cofap” of Brazil and “ZF Sachs” of Germany to manufacture our OzTec Shock Absorbers.

OZTech Lift Kit


WHITELINE is best known for dramatically improving a vehicles handling and performance. Well 4×4’s are no different and WHITELINE now boasts a growing range of heavy duty suspension solutions for this booming 4×4 vehicle segment!


4X4 HD Sway Bars

Upgrading sway bars is not just limited to sports or passenger vehicles. 4×4’s and utility’s benefit greatly from larger sway bars particularly where heavier loads, towing and /or highway driving is involved. WHITELINE have customised a short range of heavy duty sway bars (anti roll bars) to suit the most common 4X4 models with the objective to minimise excess body roll, dramatically improve handling performance and most importantly improve safety!
WHITELINE Sway bars are manufactured using the finest grade spring steel. They are powder coated and supplied with high performance synthetic elastomer mounting bushes in a DIY kit form, ready to simply bolt on. WHITELINE adjustable sway bars offer from 2 up to 4 points of adjustment allowing in some cases 10 distinct stiffness settings for precise handling bias adjustment.

4X4 Upper Control Arms (UCA)

A short fall of the modern day IFS 4wd is the adjustment range provided for successful wheel alignments, this becomes even more of an issue when the vehicle is lifted by more than 1 inch. Not only does the vehicle run into camber and caster issues, but ball joint articulation and clearance issues to the coil over strut at ride and droop height.
The new WHITELINE offset UCA (Upper Control Arm) is an all-in-one solution for any vehicle that has been lifted between 30mm and 70mm. Providing an increase between +2.5 and +3.5 degrees of caster and up to 1.5 degrees of negative camber increase (figures quoted are based off an approximate 50mm/ 2 inch) along with greater clearance to the coil over strut and more articulation of the arm by virtue of new maintenance free GIIRO bushing technology.


4X4 Leaf Spring Bushing Kit

All in one leaf spring bushing service kit covering front and rear eyes of the leaf plus shackle bushings. High kilometres and heavy load carrying causes excessive wear on rubber bushings.

WHITELINE’s signature black bushings are made tough and offer outstanding abrasion resistance, high load bearing capability (4WD’s, utes and towing), flexibility, increased tensile strength and chemical resistance to oil, grease, ozone and weathering.

4X4 Adjustable Panhards

Heavy duty adjustable panhard rod for serious 4×4 enthusiasts. Suitable for raised vehicles to reset axle location and wheel alignment rectification. Low compliance bushings are used to minimise NVH and maximise longevity. Note: Off car adjustable.


4X4 ADJ & HD Trailing Arms

Heavy duty adjustable upper trailing arms provide incremental on car adjustability of differential pinion angle. This allows you to dial in more or less traction under heavy acceleration. Fixed heavy duty lower trailing arms also available.

All arms come completed with protective powder coating acts as a hard skin that is much tougher than conventional paint allowing this product to withstand the toughest conditions and resist corrosion for years to come. WHITELINE’s latest technology synthetic elastomer formulation boasts resistance to oil, grease, ozone and weathering.

4X4 Spaces Lift Kits

Lift Kits are a quick and easy way to lift a standard height Dual or Single Cab 4WD Ute and still maintain the standard suspension.

WHITELINE lift kits have been put through their paces by our R and D to ensure the lift for each application maintains a safe working height for the vehicles standard suspension.


4X4 Lift Kit Accessories

Differential Drop Kits

The WHITELINE differential drop kit when fitted to lifted vehicles corrects CV shaft angles and eliminates the potential issue of popping or breaking a driveshaft. In turn, wear on the CV boots will be reduced and the kit provides provision for fitting of the original protection bash plates.

Centre Bearing Kit

When lifting your Ranger or BT-50, an inherent fault is driveline vibration. This spacer kit allows the tailshaft centre bearing alignment to be corrected depending on how much you have raised the vehicle. Essential to fit to a lifted vehicle to prolong the life of your centre bearing and to ensure smooth driveline operation.

ABS Wire Bracket

When Lifting your vehicle, sometimes it isn’t just the suspension system you need to consider, on some vehicles there is limitations with things like brake lines and how much movement they have. WHITELINE has a solution to ensure your brake lines and or ABS wire is not stretched to the point of causing damage, a simple easy to fit spacer will ensure your brake lines and or ABS wiring will remain safe once your vehicle is lifted



Whiteline Vehicle Kits

Introducing the new Whiteline Vehicle Kit program that consists of a targeted vehicle range of sway bar kits (front and rear) plus a range of bundled essential bushing and alignment products that deliver more grip, better handling and outright performance.

Whiteline Sway bar Kits

Boasting not only front and rear adjustable sway bars, the kit comes complete with front and rear high performance sway bar links that ensure easier installation, optimum bar rate and performance from the uprated sway bars.

Whiteline Essential Kits

By matching key bushing, alignment and geometry products into one solution, Whiteline Essential Kits provide bang for your buck handling upgrades that simply Activate More Grip.

Driving should be an enjoyable experience, but mechanical issues often compromise it. While it is easy to blame age and wear and tear, the truth of the matter is that for your vehicles to run at their best, they must be serviced professionally and regularly.

If you need suspension specialists in Toowoomba then the chances are that you are experiencing issues that are making life on the road a lot more difficult than it should be. With any luck, a simple solution is all that is required, but even if you believe the issues are more challenging, choosing the right team to address them should be your top priority.

At Garden City Tyre & Mechanical, we are a team of professionals that have extensive experience working with cars, four-wheel-drive vehicles as well as commercial vehicles. Whether you are a private individual that owns just one car, or if you are a small or large business that operates a fleet, rest assured that we have the skill, knowledge and expertise to service, upgrade and repair to the highest standards.

Here at Garden City Tyre & Mechanical, we have met plenty of drivers and vehicle owners that made a few crucial mistakes that resulted in the need for repairs or considerable attention from our mechanics.

As the suspension experts in Toowoomba, you can trust in and rely on, one of the most common mistakes that we encounter are issues that arise from a belief that the suspension did not require any maintenance. There are a lot of moving parts incorporated into the suspension of your vehicle and if they are left unattended to over time, it is only inevitable that they will require attention.

Having your power steering, shocks and all other elements checked and the undercarriage of the vehicle cleaned regularly is a small but effective way to lengthen their effectiveness and the life of your car.

There are a lot of drivers that put up with bad shocks for a long time before they ever have anything done about it. One of the biggest problems in such instances is that in the event of an emergency where you must stop the vehicle suddenly, your ability to do so may be compromised and it might take a lot longer than you think to finally come to a standstill. What’s more, if the suspension is broken, the car could slide.

Given that we spend a lot of time mixing and networking with the extended motoring community we appreciate that there are plenty of drivers that fit larger wheels to their cars, to achieve a desired aesthetic. It’s important to consult your Toowoomba car mechanics in such instances because larger wheels may require an adjustment to the suspension to compensate for this change and limit the chances of your car failing to perform as you expect it to.

At Garden City Tyre & Mechanical, we are considered Toowoomba’s suspension specialists because we possess a huge amount of knowledge and insight into what is required to keep your suspension working at its best. We can service all mechanical needs and encourage those that wish to bolster the efficiency and effectiveness of their vehicles to get in touch today.

Our garage is on the corner of Neil and Thomas Street. From there we consistently deliver a level of insight, high-quality car logbook servicing and information that makes a very real difference in the lives of our customers. We are committed to affording you an easy, on-time and convenient experience that ends with you driving away in your fully optimised vehicle with a smile on your face.

At Garden City Tyres, We also provide high-quality branded car tyres, 4×4 tyres & wheels for your vehicles. In addition to this, We are the highly recommended & professional brake repairs, wheel alignment & diesel mechanics in Toowoomba. Call us on (07) 4639 2244 to discuss your requirements with our team.

Are you limited by budget yet want the most ‘Grip for Your Buck’?

Our new range of WHITELINE ESSENTIALS KITS delivers on value, with just a few key items, you can transform your daily mode of transportation into a sharp and responsive weapon around the city or suburban corners without compromising ride quality.

Lowered your car? Running performance springs & dampers and want to take your suspension and handling to the next step?

Our new range of WHITELINE ESSENTIALS KITS takes your car to the next level when it comes to turn in, stability and performance through the bends. Combine this with a performance set of tires for outright handling performance.

Whiteline Performance Springs

Whiteline performance springs deliver improved vehicle performance whilst maintaining safety and ride quality characteristics. By lowering the vehicles centre of gravity, the unique and progressive rate coil design not only improves performance but enhances overall appearance. Developed and manufactured in Europe from the highest quality materials, coating and to the finest tolerances guaranteeing exact fitment.

Whiteline performance springs are engineered for optimal balance with OEM and aftermarket shocks. For total grip activation match with Whiteline Sway Bars and Essential kits for Unrivalled handling and optimal vehicle performance.

Performance Springs