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Oh No, the “DPF Warning Light” is ON
and Your “Check Engine Light” is ON Too!

DPF cleaning is such an inconvenience and it always happens
when we haven’t got time to get it fixed.

Let’s face it, whenever there is an unexpected issue
with the car it is never convenient.

DPF and Check Engine Light_

If you have a diesel vehicle which is mostly used on short trips and city driving during the week.

Chances are it doesn’t get warm enough to clean out the soot
and carbon build up until you go on a longer trip over the weekend.

Even if, it gets a good run over the weekend once the soot
and carbo build up has started, it often requires intervention to get rid of it.

Until now it has caused quite a few unwanted repair bills for a number of motorists as soot
and contaminates get a foot hold inside their diesel engines.

Due to new diesel vehicles now being required to adhere to strict emission regulations, Diesel Particle Filter cleaning is an absolute essential part of regular maintenance these days.

Watch video below for more info: 

Apart from the “DPF” light and perhaps even your “Check Engine” light illuminating
on your dashboard, if you are experiencing a sluggish acceleration
and an increase in fuel consumption there is a good chance
there are issues with soot and carbon build up
on the internal components of your diesel engine.

In the past this would normally require all the affected components
to be removed, cleaned, refitted or replaced at a huge cost to the owner

Now, Garden City Tyre and Mechanical can offer
our customers a brand new service that solves these issues.

Without having to dismantle any parts of your engine

Introducing Wynn’s MultiSERVE

Wynn's MultiSERVE

Wynn’s MultiSERVE is an innovative solution to the most
common internal contamination problems in a vehicle.

  • Restores lost engine power
  • Optimizes fuel economy
  • Improves the driving experience of your car
  • Cleans the injectors, turbo, air intake and DPF filter in diesel vehicles
  • Save time and lots of $$$$ money by not having to replace your DPF filter
  • MultiSERVE cleans and restores the operation of the particular filter without disassembly.
  • Dissolves soot and ash build-up immediately
  • Prevents the need for costly replacement of engine components and DPF filter
  • Keeps your engine running smoothly and retains its fuel efficiency
  • Soot particles are removed at a lower temperature of 450°C instead of 600°C
  • Remaining contamination is removed

MultiSERVE cleans and restores the operation
of the particular filter without disassembly.

During the cleaning cycle the powerful formulations will dissolve the soot and ash immediately.
Under normal circumstances a “Forced Regeneration Burn” would happen at around 600°C
DPF Burn at 600
DPF Burn at 600°C

After the DPF have been unblocked and cleaned out
Start using Wynn’s DPF & Turbo Cleaner on a regular basis.

With Wynn’s DPF & Turbo Cleaner the “Regeneration Burn” temperature is brought down to app 450°C.
Which give you a much better chance of preventing soot and carbon build up on all the internal engine
components while doing urban and city driving.
It’s really easy to use, you just pour it into the tank and fill your car up as normal, it’s as easy as that.
Put one in about every 3000 – 5000 k’s.
For the cost of around $ 20 per bottle versus replacing a DPF filter, you are looking at saving
thousands of dollars long term.
DPF Burn at 450
DPF Burn at 450°C

Modern vehicles and today’s strict emissions regulations.

Modern vehicles are equipped with many components that help vehicles comply with today’s strict emissions regulations.
Urban driving cycles and biofuels are both causes of incomplete combustion.
The by-products of that incomplete combustion are deposited on the internal components of the engine.
These deposits can cause engine malfunctions and expensive breakdowns.
Bio fuels and regularly driving with low levels of fuel in the tank also cause fuel to degrade within the injection system, initiating deposits and clogging.
These deposits will cause the loss of engine power increased fuel consumption incomplete combustion, black exhaust smoke and potentially costly breakdowns.
Cleaning of the diesel particle filter in the form of a forced “Regeneration Burn” can help solve the problem in the short term.
However, if the driving pattern of the vehicle doesn’t change nor does the problem with soot and carbon build up inside the engine. It will unfortunately keep reoccuring.

MultiSERVE incorporates cleaning of the four most important components.

With MultiSERVE we use up to seven specially formulated products to clean:
the injectors, turbo, air intake and DPF filter in diesel vehicles.
Injector cleaning restores lost engine power, optimizes your fuel economy and improves the overall driving experience of your vehicle.
The turbo is the first component to receive the dirty exhaust gases. It is very common that the soot is deposited on the veins of the variable geometry turbo causing them to stick and therefore alter the correct air fuel ratio.
Consequently, the vehicle will suffer loss of power. It will feel sluggish during accelerating while increasing the fuel consumption plus potentially causing costly breakdowns.

MultiSERVE can also clean: the injectors, turbo, air intake and DPF filter
by passing a specially formulated treatment through the engine.

Before this technology were available and in situations where a severe blockage of the DPF filter had occurred, the DPF filter would need to be replaced at a very high cost to the vehicle owner.

DPF Cleaning

If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned problems with your vehicle

Get in contact with us today.

We now have the technology and know-how of cleaning your DPF to get you back
on the road again without replacing expensive engine components.

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