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Garden City Tyres

Cnr Neil & Thomas St, Toowoomba.

Mag Wheel Repair, Polishing and Restoration

Garden City Tyre and Mechanical is proud to announce 

Mag Wheel Repair Toowoomba: We are now officially offering

Mag Wheel Repair, Mag Wheel Polishing and Mag Wheel Restoration

as an add-on to our list of services.

Mag Wheel Repair

Have you hit a pot hole so hard your mag wheel buckled and cracked?

Have you accidently scraped against the gutter with your mag wheels?

Is the replacement cost of a new mag wheel too much for your budget?

Perhaps, you are unable to source the same wheel again due to it being discontinued? 

We do all aspects of mag wheel repairs to get you back
on the road again sooner rather than later.

Before Repair:

Before Repair:

After Repair:

After Repair:

Before Repair:

Alloy Wheel Repair

After Repair:

Alloy Wheel Repair complete

Range Rover Wheel Restoration

Check out how these 22″ Range Rover Wheels went from dull and damaged to a high gloss black finish. 

Vehicle Before Wheel Restoration:

Range Rover wheel repair_before01

Before Restoration

Vehicle After Wheel Restoration:

Range Rover wheel repair01_after

After Restoration

Mag Wheel Polishing

Have you got an old classic car where the wheels
needs a polish to make it look just how you like it?


Have you got mag wheels on your daily drive that
could do with a clean and a polish to bring them up
to how they looked when they were new?

Go From This:

Alloy Wheel Polishing

To This:

Alloy Wheel Polishing 02

Mag Wheel Polishing

Looking to bring back that new look to your mag wheels?

Ford Falcon Polished Wheels

Call Us Today
to discuss how we can get
your wheels looking like new again!