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What You Need to Know About the Cost of Car Repairs

    How much will you be spending?

    Most vehicle owners will, at some point, have a horror story to share about unexpected maintenance or repair costs. Absolutely no one enjoys taking their 4 wheel-drive in for a full service only to be told their transmission needs replacing and that it’s going to cost upwards of $4000 + Labour. That’s why everyone wants to know right away what they can expect from going in for maintenance and, if needed, repairs. How much will you be spending? Is there some way to spend less? Where should you absolutely not spend less?

    We’re here to help answer these questions as precisely as we can; that way, your horror tale of the surprise $4000 + bill need never happen.

    There’s a Lot of Variation

    As annoying as this answer might be, the cost of repairs will vary depending on what part needs fixing or replacing. Obviously, your windscreen wipers won’t cost as much as your tyres, and your engine will definitely cost more to fix or replace than your air filter. For this reason, you won’t be able to predict the cost of your maintenance unless you already know what’s broken or faulty beforehand. Still, you’ll want to know the average price of each kind of repairs before encountering them yourself; that way, you know you’re neither being overcharged nor is your vehicle being fitted with subpar quality parts.

    Engine, Transmission and Hybrid Batteries

    The last thing you want to hear from your mechanic is that there’s trouble with any of these parts. Usually, significant damage here all but guarantees that you’ll need a replacement rather than a fix, which is part of the big bill at the end. If an engine’s cylinders are damaged, repairs can cost upwards of $7,000, and you’ll often need to have a whole new engine installed to be able to drive your car at all.

    If you’re having trouble turning your car or changing gears, pray that the issue is unrelated to your transmission. A car’s transmission is put under constant strain, so wear and tear is unavoidable, but the degree of damage will determine your bill. The lower end of that spectrum is $4000, and that’s often if you catch the issue early.

    Lastly, hybrid batteries are similar, except their replacement is basically a prophecy. A hybrid or electric car’s battery will gradually hold less and less of a charge until you must replace it. Most hybrid batteries are guaranteed to last for 8 – 10 years. In milder climates without heat or cold extremes they tend to last the longest.
    Replacement cost are generally between $ 3000 to $6000 depending on brand and size.

    Differential, Suspension, and Catalytic Converter

    These parts are less expensive to handle, but they’re still something you wouldn’t want mentioned during maintenance. A differential carries a lot of strain for your vehicle, which is why it is essential to follow the maintenance schedule in your service manual. If you drive on rougher terrain, it’s especially vital to make sure your differential has the right fluids. Otherwise, differential damage can cost you $3000 and upwards.

    The suspension on your vehicle can be tricky as well; most experts don’t recommend trying to repair a significantly damaged suspension, and replacement is almost always costlier than repair. A cheap suspension replacement would be around $1500.

    Do you notice a nasty sulphur smell near your car’s exhaust? That’s almost certainly your catalytic converter needing to be changed. Usually, the more toxic elements of your vehicle’s exhaust are filtered and cleaned by the converter, which prevents that odour. This part varies depending on what you drive, but the average is usually somewhere around $1000.

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