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What is Involved in a Full Car Service?

    Regularly servicing your car is advice every new vehicle owner has heard many times. By checking your car at regular intervals recommended by experts, you’re likely catching any potential problems long before they have a chance to really occur. That can mean anything from saving a couple of dollars to avoiding an accident!

    Of course, the devil is in the details and exercising him means knowing your vehicle well. How do your tyres handle on the roads you frequently travel? What sort of mileage is recommended for your make and model as the max between check-ups? What are some signs of damage or malfunction that might require an early visit? To get the most longevity and value for your money out of your car, you want to know the answers to all those questions and then some, and we’re here to help.

    What Sort of Service Do You Require?

    There’s actually more than one type of service available for your vehicle and which one is best depends on your vehicle and how long you’ve had it. A standard service will often be recommended every 10000 Km or every 12 months or so, and this carries over across most models. You’ll also frequently hear 10,000 – 15,000 Km as a marker. That is, you want to have your car serviced before it reaches 15,000 kilometres on the road. Yes, it’s true, some manufacturers recommend longer service interval to make maintenance costs look good on a spreadsheet. However, all modern vehicles are now fitted with advanced emission control systems. With longer than 10 – 15000 km service intervals, internal carbon build up can ultimately lead to very expensive repair costs down the track. Therefore, unless you plan to own your vehicle for a short term, we don’t recommend our customers to take that path.

    We do however recommend always checking your user’s manual to be sure.
    For instance, your typical 4-wheel drive will typically need servicing every 10 – 15000 Kms, however if you are doing a lot of 4WD-ing and going through deep creek crossings or doing any heavy towing, your manual will provide a guide on whether more frequent servicing is required. If in doubt you are always more than welcome to get in touch with us and we can check what state the various fluids on your vehicle are in.

    During a regular service our mechanics will complete a 45-Point Vehicle Inspection which includes checking your suspension, tyres, oil, steering, windscreen wipers, and brakes. These are the areas of utmost safety, so they’re checked often and carefully to ensure they’re in good condition. You’ve probably heard of the routine oil and oil filter change; that’s the usual part of a standard service.

    If a component is key to your car’s proper functioning, it’s usually included in this kind of service.

    Of course, if you notice a problem with any of these parts before scheduled maintenance, it’s important not to let them linger for long.

    The Major Service

    Regular service intervals aren’t really designed for major replacements or repairs, but if you notice there are a few things that most likely would need attention or you were notified that your vehicle is due for a major service next time, we are more than happy to give you a quote so you know in advance how much it is going to cost. In addition to keeping you safe while on the road, a timely major service will look excellent to your insurance provider if anything happens, and it will maximize your car’s lifespan.

    The price of a regular service varies depending on where you are, but in Queensland, you can expect to pay around $ 235 – $325 for a job well done.

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