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Direction Plus Catch Can

    Hi, I’m Jai from Garden City Tyres & Mechanical and today I’m going to show you a new must have product for anyone who owns a diesel SUV or ute.

    It’s an oil catch can and something you may not have heard of before, but something extremely important for all diesel for drives and passenger vehicles.

    This one is a Direction Plus Provent Oil Catch Can.

    First of all, this can be installed either by a professional or by yourself at home as a very very simple DIY project.

    Everything is in the box, you’ll get a nice stainless-steel bracket, this particular kit here will

    suit a 70 series V8 Land Cruiser, there are literally thousands of these things driving around,

    a nice heavy-duty stainless steel bracket there to mount your catch can onto.

    The Catch Can itself is the most important part, all the bracketry, clamps, bar fittings, zip ties the whole lot to complete mounting the Oil Catch Can to your vehicle from start to finish.

    Also included are all the rubber hoses needed to do the job as well.

    Very importantly in the box for the DIY people is a full set of instructions to assist you with fitting this device.

    So, this here will get you started from beginning to end, just follow the instructions you can’t get it wrong.

    Why would you need an oil catch can?
    All common diesels these days comes with an EGR system, which stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation. In short this basically means the exhaust gas is recirculated back through the intake system.

    In the exhaust gas there is a lot of carbon build up and unburnt oil vapours and any engine will always produce an amount of emissions or oil vapor coming from the rocker cover that is a natural process created by a diesel engine.

    What happens is those oil vapours coming from your rocker cover goes through your intake and it sticks to the side of the intake, the recycled exhaust gas is going through there as well and eventually it all turns into a big jar of Vegemite.

    The substance that retains in your intake manifolds is very thick and very dirty. If it is left there it will decrease power and also diminish fuel economy as well.

    This Direction Plus Catch Can solves that problem. It can easily be retro fitted directly to your vehicle and what you will also see inside all the good quality Catch Cans they will always have a filter inside.

    Refer to video to see what it looks like inside the Catch Can.

    Simply remove the lid and there is your filter. This will filter the oil vapors; the oily substance will collect down the bottom and it will pool in the bottom of the Catch Can.

    Then simply drain the Catch Can at the bottom whenever you service your vehicle.

    So with you being able to drain the oily sludge out, it stops those nasty vapors going through your intake manifold and you can regain your power, regain your fuel economy and get your engine to last a lot longer without costly repairs.

    We stock a large range of Oil Catch Cans for many different brands and models.

    This one here is for the 70 series Toyota Land Cruiser.

    This is the Pro Vent 200 model and as you can see this is where the oil vapor hose will come into the top of it. Vapor will get filtered out inside the Catch Can and then vent out nice clean air back into the engine.

    There will be no oil vapor left in the filtered air so it’s nice clean air instead of that oily rubbish vapor going to wreck your engine.

    Okay, it is extremely important when you look at purchasing an Oil Catch Can for your diesel engine that it is a really good quality one. There are some knock off imitation ones out there that do not have they filter inside them so basically that renders the catch-can useless.

    The oil vapor will go in and will probably sit on the bottom, but it also comes back out of the vent port and back into your engine.

    The filter in this unit is vitally important to stop the oil vapor getting back into your engine.

    As mentioned before this is the Direction Plus Pro Vent 200 Oil Catch Can.

    It is made from Lightweight plastic and is very strong and durable.

    We stock it here at Garden City Tire and Mechanical so if you have had problems with your engine gumming up with oil and sludge, come and see us as we can help you:

    • Regain the engine power your vehicle had when it was new.
    • Regain better fuel economy
    • Help your engine last a lot longer without costly repairs.

    Give us a call on 07 46 39 22 44 if you have further question or if you want us to fit it for you.

    You can also get one directly from our 4WD Accessories website: https://www.gctm4x4parts.com.au/

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