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4WD Recovery Accessories

    Here we have some new 4WD Recovery Accessories that I wanted to show you guys.

    I’m going to go through some old stuff and some new 4WD recovery accessories that have recently come out.

    5 Ton rated D shackle

    Here is a 5 Ton rated D shackle or bow shackle as you’d probably normally call it.

    In a recovery situation?

    When you are in a recovery situation with your snatch strap or your tree trunk protector.

    Attach your snatch strap to the D shackle and attach it to the recovery device on your vehicle.

    Then proceed to recover your vehicle from there.

    RoadSafe Soft Shackle

    What has recently come out to replace the D shackle is a much safer option using a RoadSafe Soft Shackle.

    It is made of rope and is actually rated at 9 Ton.

    It’s a lot lighter and won’t rattle around in your toolbox.

    It is also much safer for your recovery devices.

    Another great product is this device here which is used when joining two snap straps together.

    I don’t know if you have ever been in a recovery situation where your 9 meter snatch strap is just not quite long enough and you need to join two of them together.

    You’ll see it quite often where they’ll take two snatch straps and loop them together.

    Then pull and recover the vehicle.

    Subsequently it’s virtually impossible to get those two snatch straps separated.

    This is where this “Knot Stop” device here will slide in between your two snatch straps and it will stop the tightening up when pulling those two snatch straps together.

    The “Knot Stop” leaves an air gap in there so you can loosen up your snatch straps.

    Simply pull this out and separate the snatch straps in half so you won’t end up with an 18 metre long snatch strap that probably will never get used again.

    All these products are available at Garden City Tire & Mechanical.

    Give us a call on 07 46 39 22 44 if you have further question or if you want us to fit it for you.

    You can also get one directly from our 4WD Accessories website: https://www.gctm4x4parts.com.au

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