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Mechanical Servicing

Mechanical Services

Did you know that Garden City Tyre and Mechanical Toowoomba can carry out all aspect of mechanical servicing on your vehicle?

Even though the business initially started out as being mainly a wheel & tyre service shop, we have gradually transitioned into being a “One Stop Shop” for wheels, tyres & mechanical service. Our team of qualified expert mechanics can carry out all aspects of servicing and modifications to your vehicle including log book servicing, brake repairs, full suspension upgrades, 4WD accessories, diff drop kits, modified upper control arms, heavy duty recovery points, secondary fuel filters, 2nd battery setup, oil catch cans plus much more.

Pick Up and Drop Off Courtesy Service

We are centrally located in the heart of Toowoomba, and if you need your vehicle!
Don’t stress!
We can drop you off where you need to go and then deliver your car within the Toowoomba region upon request.

Wheel Alignment

An important part of fitting new tyres to your vehicle is to make sure they last as long as possible.
We check your suspension and if repairs are needed, we will give you a quote & ask for your approval before repairs are carried out. We recommend having a precision wheel alignment done every time a new set of tyres is fitted. This will help ensure you get the longest service life out of your tyres.

Brake Repairs and Servicing

At Garden City Tyre and Mechanical Toowoomba, our qualified expert mechanics can repair and service all brake systems with the latest equipment such as:

  • Replace disc pads and drum liners using high-quality Bendix brake products.
  • In-house disc and drum brake machining removing bad scores and true up warped rotors and drums, so when you apply your brakes the steering wheel won’t shake from having warped and uneven disc rotors.
  • Flush entire brake fluid system and make sure your vehicle stops when you apply the brakes. Flushing the brake system is a very important part of a service schedule, but it is often neglected as vehicles get past 4-5 years of age. Brake fluid is possibly the single most neglected component of the automobile. A lot of car owners know how to check their tire pressures and know their engine oil requires replacement at frequent intervals, but virtually no one ever changes the brake fluid in their everyday family car. Over time condensation water accumulates in the hydraulic system and can lead to catastrophic brake failure if ignored.
  • Keep you, your family and your vehicle safe by having this checked by professionals.

Brake Repair Services Toowoomba

Toowoomba’s Brake Service Professionals

There is nothing quite as disturbing as the moment that you need to stop suddenly in traffic and only just manage to bring the car to a halt before colliding with what is in front of you. It’ss a scenario that we are all familiar with, but one that nobody can truly prepare for, particularly if the condition of their brake pads is not quite as good as the driver hoped them to be.

An event like this will undoubtedly inspire you to seek out a Toowoomba brake service that can equip your car with the best of brake products and a comprehensive level of attention that will stand you in good stead going forward.

The good news is that you have found it here at Garden City Tyre & Mechanical. Our garage at the corner of Neil and Thomas Street is a hub of activity and a place where drivers of cars, four-wheel-drives and light commercial vehicles can find a standard of excellence that is second to none. We carry the best range of tyres and wheels and you can trust that our fully equipped workshop is designed to deliver exceptional quality utilising the latest equipment.

One thing that our customers truly appreciate is the fact that our technicians tell it like it is no matter what. We believe in transparency and putting the customer first. So, regardless of whether your brakes are the issue or if we identify another problem that may also require attention, you can trust that we will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

What Difference Can Professionals Deliver When Fixing Brakes?

Anyone that is looking for brake repairs in Toowoomba will, of course, try to determine the difference between what the workshops they are deciding between offers. At Garden City Tyre & Mechanical, we believe that our value proposition delivers more and achieves a greater degree of quality servicing.

Each vehicle that we work on must be assessed individually. We understand that the same model car, of the same age and with the same mileage travelled can present with completely different requirements, simply because of the driving style of the driver, as well as the conditions under which it was driven. As such, our professionals complete thorough inspections as they service the car to ensure that the appropriate work is completed to return it to its best driving standard.

Something that is often overlooked when completing brake system servicing is a brake system fluid flush. This is simply the changing of brake fluid and can make a huge difference to the performance of your systems. We complete disc pad and drum liner replacements using high-quality brake products. What’ss more, our in-house disc and drum brake machining is completed to the highest standards.

Our Training Affords You Absolute Confidence

At Garden City Tyre & Mechanical, we are committed to continuous education and training, which means that our technicians consistently deliver the most up-to-date servicing techniques, affording our customers a standard of quality and care that is unrivalled.

As such, if you are searching for a team that can service your brakes in Toowoomba efficiently and effectively, then look no further. Should you require it, we can also complete car logbook servicing, to ensure that your vehicle is serviced in a way that preserves its resale value, maintains the warranty and extends its life.

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Engine Servicing

Petrol Upper Cylinder/Engine Cleaning

Due to new emission standards and environment regulations all modern petrol engines are now fitted with some form of EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) to comply with all the latest emission standards. Essentially, spent exhaust gasses are recirculated back into the inlet manifold to be used in the combustion process again. Oily vapor from the bottom of the crank case is also recirculated back into the inlet manifold. This causes carbon build up in vital intake components and can be a major problem if it is not regularly cleaned away from those vital engine components during regular service. Normally it is not a big problem while the vehicle is relatively new, but as the vehicle ages and get a few K’s on it can start to affect running, reliability and fuel economy greatly.
Keeping all those vital components like throttle body and sensors clean is paramount for optimal maintenance and reliability of your vehicle. If your engine has been running a bit rough, cleaning the throttle body will usually help improve vehicle fuel efficiency, performance and reduce emissions.

Diesel Upper Cylinder/Engine Cleaning

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) on modern diesel engines, combined with a now compulsory DPF (Diesel Particle Filter) is a major source of carbon build up inside a modern high performance diesel engine. A lot of research and development has gone into reducing sod and particle emissions from these engines, but this has also resulted in a whole host of issues with carbon build up inside these engines.
New emission laws and regulations means you really have to consider investing in a few simple accessories if you are looking to have keep your vehicle for a while without facing huge repair bills.
Why haven’t my vehicle been fitted with these accessories when it was built you might ask?
Well, as usual it all comes down to cost for the manufacturer and what would work best on the assembly line that produces cars to countries around the world.
In Australia, we love our high torque diesel 4WD utes and SUVs to tow trailers and caravans or just being able to go anywhere off road for fun or to do what we have to get done.
Today’s modern diesels have their challenges, but we do stock certain additives which can help alleviate the problem to a certain extent, but fitting an Oil Catch Can to your diesel vehicle is what would make a big difference in combating this problem.
Ask us how to avoid expensive repairs and protect your investment.

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